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£1.50 to £150 challenge.

I got some free spins on the casino at Bet365 and managed to win a grand total of £1.50... Yay!
Anyway, I moved it to my sports account and I want to make some money from it!
Bangor City vs The New Saints
Bangor are 10th. T.N.S are 1st.
Bangor last 5 games : W2 D0 L3 GS8 GC9
T.N.S last 5 games : W4 D1 L3 GS17 GC2
Last 5 H2H - T.N.S Won all 5, scoring 22 and conceding 2.
Stake: £1.50 Return: £2.10
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Combine betting and casino games at Bet365

Bet365 has emerged as one of the online gambling companies that offers equal opportunities to win for both poker players and sports fans. Now that the casino section is gaining a lot of traction, it comes as no surprise that one of their latest promotions is covering a broad spectrum of gambling products. Those who enjoy playing slot machines and also wager on Champions League fixtures are eligible for a bonus of €300. The most important European competition is approaching the end of the group stage, which means that the best 16 teams will advance to the elimination round. In order to properly mark the moment, those who have an account here are invited to use the CHAMP promotional code when depositing an amount of €25 or above. The money is supposed to be transferred to the casino section before the end of the month to collect a bonus of 30%. It goes without saying that in order to collect the maximum possible amount of €300, players will have to commit a significant sum of €1000. On the bright side, you can use the money to play casino games and then wager on the Champions League games, after meeting the wagering requirements. It is vital to use the promotional code when funding your real money account and also to play through the combined amount within the next 30 days. The bonuses themselves can be used no later than seven days after being issued and after the deadline, both the bonuses and the corresponding profits will be sequestered by the bookmaker. The good news is that all games available at Bet365 can be played without any restrictions whatsoever, so players enjoy unlimited freedom. There is also a downside that prospective customers should be aware of, as not all these titles have the same state percent contribution. This is something that applies to all casino promotions at Bet365 and most members are aware of the fact that slot machines contributions for 100%. Red Dog, Spin-a-Win and Stravaganza are only half as effective, while all table games including baccarat, blackjack and craps will count for 25%. The number is further decreased for those who are big fans of video poker and won't play anything else, as these will take 10 times longer than slot machines to redeem the bonus.
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Join the Reel Race competition at Bet365 Casino

Online casinos are trying to make the most of the World Cup 2014 and many of them are running promotions that are somehow related to the football competition. The reason for why they go to great lengths to extract the most from these opportunities is that they have to deal with a corresponding dip in revenue. Most of those who play online casino games are also passionate about sports and as a result they prefer to spend more time betting them playing. Those companies that offer both sports betting, online poker and gambling are well-positioned to maximize their profits. Bet365 Casino is a shining example of a bookmaker turned online poker room and casino, serving a broad range of customers from all walks of life. In addition to the immensely popular World Cup promotions that are about to expire in mid-July, the casino runs the Reel Race competition. Just as the name suggests, this contest is aimed at those who play mostly online slot games, and rewards the most active players. It can be used in conjunction to other promotions and those who wager a lot of money over the next couple of weeks will also have a great chance to improve their position in the leaderboard. The reason for why it pays off to finish as high as possible on this ladder is that the best placed players will collect a slice of the €5000, given away by the casino. While this promotion is active at Bet365 Casino, comp points are accumulated at a much faster pace, with players accumulating three for every €10 wagered. They are supposed to opt in for this promotion before jumping on the bandwagon and once they do so, they become eligible for a top prize of €500. The first 200 players will not go home empty-handed, with the last 10 to collect €10 for the effort. The online casinos diligently work towards expanding the games to the mobile section, which led to remarkable results. Pretty much all the games available in their offer are now compatible with mobile devices and all of them generate comp points. Those who play on their smartphones or tablets will compete for the €5000 promotion as well as the special Mobile Casino raise. A prize pool of €1000 will be split among the most successful 25 players while they are required to wager at least €25.
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Marvellous Marvel Bonus at Bet365 Casino

October started on a positive note at Bet365 Casino, the place where the beginning of each month is celebrated with a nice assortment of bonuses and promotions. This is the time for Marvel slot games enthusiasts to celebrate, because the latest campaign is aimed exclusively at them. It goes by the name of Marvellous Marvel Bonus and it consists of a 100% matched deposit bonus that goes as high as €100. Players are supposed to invest at least €25 or transfer the amount from any section of their online account, to the Bet365 Casino. When doing so, they are also asked to use the MARVEL bonus codes and spin the reels of one of the blockbuster titles that have been declared eligible for this promotion. Play Iron Man 3, Spider-Man and The Avengers to meet the wagering requirements and the good news is that these titles are also a part of the Marvel Multi-level Mystery Progressive Jackpot. The promotion will conclude on Saturday night, so players have a very narrow window of opportunity to take advantage. Those who happen to reside in Russia are out of luck because this country has been excluded from this campaign. All those who are declared eligible must deposit the minimum amount of €25 and make sure that their casino balance doesn't exceed €10. Once they qualify for this promotion, players will receive the €100 bonus immediately and they will have a total of seven days to meet the wagering requirements. While the aforementioned slot games allow players to enjoy the best of both worlds, as they get the free cash and also compete for a progressive jackpot, many more games contribute towards a player's wagering requirement. The combined amount of the bonus and deposit needs to be played through 25 times at any of these games: Blade, Captain America, Daredevil, Elektra, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Punisher War Zone, Spider-Man, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Wolverine and X-Men. The money is credited to the accounts of eligible players right away and they are not restricted to the aforementioned games, but other titles don't count for the wagering requirements. The promotion will run live until October 5th, but players will have an additional week to clear the bonus and convert it to cashable money. Those who failed to meet the requirements before the deadline, will have the bonus and any winnings attributable to it removed from their accounts.
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Play roulette on mobile at Bet365 Casino for €1,000

Another month has begun and Bet365 Casino showered its loyal customers with a nice bundle of bonuses and promotions, set to expire at the end of the month. With just one week of August left, players are supposed to take advantage of these opportunities, while paying attention to new ones. For a limited period of time, those who enjoy the thrills of European Roulette have plenty of reasons to experience the game on their mobile devices. Bet365 Casino has tweaked its games to meet the highest standards and still be compatible with virtually all smartphones and tablets. You don't need a powerhouse of a mobile device to play European Roulette and all those who do,are eligible for a special prize. The prize pool consists of €1000 but the guaranteed amount is very likely to be surpassed, if more players tag along. Add to this the fact that those who are particularly lucky will also collect a nice paycheck as a result of playing the game, and you've got plenty of reasons to jump on the bandwagon. The four digit amount will be split among the top 25 players, with the ones who make a deep run in this competition to collect the biggest paycheck. The rules of the game are unchanged, so those who are even remotely familiar with how European Roulette works, will have no problem in making the transition to mobile gaming. For every €10 they wager, players will collect one comp point and the purpose of this promotion is to accumulate as many of them as possible. There is an indissoluble link between the amounts players wager and the money they collect, so highrollers and those who play on a lot of money are more likely to succeed. Once the money is credited to their account, there are no additional wagering requirements and the money can be withdrawn or reinvested, depending on the player's preferences. To get the correct idea about how the mobile Roulette tournament is supposed to unfold and the amounts corresponding to each position, check out the table below: 1st €2002nd €1503rd €1204th €1005th €806th €607th €408th €309th €2510th €2011th to 15th €1516th to 25th €10
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Complete the 12 levels of Christmas at Bet365 Casino

Those who want to go the distance, need to start with one step and if you don't mind climbing your way to the top of the food chain, Bet365 Casino is the place to start gambling this month. A brand-new promotion has been revealed and it revolves around the accumulation of comp points, with the most dedicated players being lavishly rewarded. There are a total of 12 levels to complete before Christmas and each step made into the right direction, will trigger the release of cash prizes. Players will also be eligible for juicy rewards, ranging from high-resolution TVs, 1 kg of solid gold bullions and a Monaco Grand Prix package, up to some fantastic cars. You can be in the proud winner of a Jaguar F type, a BMW 6 series or the latest Porsche Cayenne, all these by simply playing casino games. When things sound too good to be true, they usually are, but in this particular case Bet365 made sure to come up with a promotion that makes perfect sense. The best gifts will go to those who reach level XII and it is a long way to go, but it goes without saying that the rewards are worth the effort. Those who don't have high expectations are not going to be disappointed, because all you need to go is to level III to be eligible for a car. A BMW Z4 Roadster is no vehicle to frown upon, so if you don't have the time or money to make a bid for the 12th level, the third will still keep you in the race for a nice reward. Begin by opting in for this promotion and start accumulating comp points, by playing any of the games available at Bet365. There is an indissoluble link between the stakes and the points accumulated, but both highrollers and regular players will have something to look forward to. Check out the table below to catch a glimpse at the big picture:1 €25 bonus 1,000 -2 €50 bonus 2,000 -3 Kindle Fire HD Tablet 5,000 €125 bonus4 €250 bonus 10,000 -5 Paris lunch cruise 20,000 €500 bonus6 €1,000 bonus 40,000 -7 Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display 64,000 €1,600 bonus8 Samsung 4k Ultra HD 55" TV 100,000 €2,500 bonus9 Monaco Grand Prix Package 240,000 €6,000 bonus10 €10,000 bonus 400,000 -11 1kg Gold Bullion Bar 1,000,000 €25,00012 Jaguar F-Type S Coupé, Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid or BMW 6 Series Coupé 2,400,000 €60,000
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Get ready for the Super Soccer Slots Special at Bet365 Casino

Don't mind the fact that the World Cup 2014 has ended, football is here to stay and those who have an account with Bet365 Casino have plenty of reasons to rejoice. The fact that they can use the same amount for wagering on sports, playing poker or spin the reels of online casino slots, comes in handy. With the new soccer season around the corner, there are new opportunities and the time is right to claim a bonus that can go up as high as €130. The idea is to check out the casino section and accumulate as many comp points as possible over the weekend, while playing Super Soccer Slots Special. This new campaign has just begun and in the first stage, players will be eligible for a bonus of €100, with additional money to be unlocked as players collect loyalty points. In total, there are six slot games inspired by football and they go by the name of Football Carnival, Football Fans, Football Rules, Top Trumps Football Legends, Top Trumps World Football Stars and Top Trumps World Football Stars 2014. By playing each of them, players will be awarded five euros for each title, which will translate into a total amount of €30 that will be added on the aforesaid bonus of €100. This is the main bonus payout structure and the number of comp points necessary: Main Bonus Prize Table Level 1 - 500 - €5Level 2 - 1,000 - €10Level 3 - 2,500 - €25Level 4 - 5,000 - €50Level 5 - 10,000 - €100 Since you are already interested in the casino section, you should definitely check out the Mobile Money Back Rebate promotion. The title says it all, because by playing these games, players are eligible for a refund of up to 25% of whatever they lose, with the total amount not to exceed €250. The only prerequisite is to play the games available in the mobile section of Bet365 Casino and deposit a minimum amount of €25. Those who end up losing money over the promotional period, will have a quarter of their losses reimbursed and they are supposed to play this amount through 30 times. They have exactly one month to do it, because 30 days after the money is credited back to their account, it will be removed.
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Join the Slots Club at Bet365 Casino

A new month has arrived, but the best of things are here to stay and those who have an account with Bet365 Casino don't need to worry about their favorite promotions coming to an end. Throughout August, many of them made a lot of money by taking advantage of the Slots Club campaign and they will rejoice knowing that it was expanded in September. The rules are virtually unchanged and players can jump on the bandwagon right away, because everyone is free to join and opting in takes just a few seconds. Everyone who spends some time over the Internet playing slot games can and should check out the Slots Club at Bet365 Casino. The new promotion started on September 1 and will only conclude on October 31, so there are basically 2 full months to cash in. The top priority for prospective players is to find those slots that meet their expectations and have the best rate for accumulating comp points. These are the bread-and-butter of the Slots Club campaign and those who earn most of the points will have a better chance of winning the big payout. Every single day, the points accumulated are going to trigger the release of a payout, with the precise structure being available to compare in the chart below: 50 Points 100 Points 250 Points 500 Points 1,000 Points 2,500 Points10 days €5 €10 €25 €50 €100 €25015 days €8 €15 €35 €75 €150 €37520 days €10 €20 €50 €100 €200 €50025 days €20 €40 €100 €200 €400 €1,000 Those who have just opened an account with Bet365 Casino, should know that comp points can be converted for real cash. Regardless of their currency of choice, players will be eligible for the bonuses offered by this promotion and those who accumulate between 50 and 100 comp points will earn a payout of €50. You don't even need to play in consecutive days to qualify for this promotion, because all it takes is to hit the threshold listed in the table above.
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The Live Games Giveaway competition starts at Bet365 Casino

Autumn is upon us and online casinos have refreshed their collection of promotions, in an attempt of attracting players. Since we are about to spend more time indoors, there is no reason to miss out on this excellent opportunity of boosting the bankrolls and Bet365 Casino is the place to start. Those who have a passion for live casino games, will surely enjoy the terms and conditions of the recently announced Live Games Giveaway competition. In a nutshell, players will compete for a total of €5000 as this is how high the prize pool gets and they have a nice selection of games to choose from. Anything from live baccarat and blackjack, to roulette, Sic Bo and Casino Hold 'Em is on the menu and a total of 200 players will collect a nice paycheck. Everyone is eligible for this new promotion, but those who are interested should opt in before starting their adventure at live tables. The payout structure is listed in the table below, with the winner expected to collect exactly €500, while the last 100 qualifying players will receive a consolation prize of €10. Finishing on the podium will trigger a payout of €350 for the runner-up and €300 for the one who takes the bronze, while the one who barely misses the podium will claim €250.Place Amount 1st €5002nd €3503rd €3004th €2505th €2006th €1407th €1208th €1009th €8010th €6011th to 20th €4021st to 30th €3031st to 40th €2541st to 50th €2051st to 100th €15101st to 200th €10 The terms and conditions are quite similar to those that apply to other Bet365 Casino campaigns, with the only important mention being that this promotion expires on October 18. To be eligible, players must deposit at least €25 into their casino account and opt in for the tournament, with the last chance to register being one week from now. While the money can be used on any games in the online offer, only the chips wagered on Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Sic Bo and Live Casino Hold 'Em will count towards this promotion. The payouts will be awarded immediately after the campaign comes to an end, according to the table above and players are supposed to meet wagering requirements of 20 times the amount before withdrawing the cash.
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Enjoy something on the house at Bet365 Casino

Online casino players always have a hard time turning down juicy offers, even though they know that usually when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This time it is Bet365 Casino who makes such a proposition, by inviting players to enjoy something on the house, more precisely a 25% cash back on the rake charged. The concept is quite familiar to those who play online poker, even though things are slightly different for online casino games. In a nutshell, players are going to have their losses refunded up to the aforementioned sum, but the reimbursements can't exceed €250. There are no limitations whatsoever in terms of choosing the casino game of choice and regardless of what type of game they prefer, eligible players will get swiftly reimbursed. All they need to do is to opt in for this promotion and then play their favorite game, knowing that they have a reliable safety net in place in case things take a turn for the worse. It goes without saying that this is the worst-case scenario and nobody actually wants to take advantage of this campaign, because the purpose is to win. The proverbial house edge is still there and over the long run it is very difficult to offset it, but these kinds of promotions make it possible to stay afloat. The campaign will conclude at the end of the month, which means that players should waste no minute. There are a couple of exceptions to the rule, such as live roulette and baccarat, with the losses suffered at these games being outside the reimbursement promotion. The money will be transferred in the form of free chips, but in order to be eligible for this service, players will have to transfer at least €50 into their online casino section. Those who have an account with Bet365 Casino know that there are three different sections, one dedicated to poker, the other to sports betting and the last one to casino games. Transferring funds from one section to the other doesn't take longer than a few seconds and there are no hidden commissions or fees whatsoever. In order to be eligible for the 25% refund, players are supposed to spin the reels for at least 50 times. The minimum amount that can be credited to their account in the form of reimbursed money is of €25 and the upper limit is set at €250.
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$700,000 Bet on Fintech - BFT

$700,000 Bet on Fintech - BFT
Alright Degenerates- I posted a small little snippet a day or so ago about BFT. I wanted to do a bit of DD on BFT but also wanted to highlight something that was brought to my attention by a degenerate gambler. Lastly, I wanted to compile some good little snippets that have been put together by some other members as well as from the investor presentation.
Before reading further please understand the major Risks.
  • This is SPAC with ~10.00 NAV, if the deal falls through it could drop to 10.00 USD
  • The warrants could be very lucrative but they can be called and if a deal fails to materialize, these can become worthless.
  • If you're ok with the above risks, continue reading.
Keep in mind that this merger is not complete, but the terms of the deal have been provided to investors and we will be able to either vote yes for the deal or vote no and redeem our shares in BFT for 10.00 cash. So there is downside to this play should the vote not go through or should the two entities terminate the agreement. Right now the downside is ~3 dollars per share according to the close price from today.


The Customers and MOAT

  • Deep Customer Base with deep ties to gambling/betting industry with Deep penetration in Europe and growing customer bases around the world. Gambling is a tricky business and regulated differently than other industries. Many big players have avoided the industry and Paysafe has a great reputation and has become one of the early movers in the industry. The following are some notable customers.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I actually know Paysafe and the usage quite well.
PayPal has many restrictions in Europe regarding iGaming , so does Square.
This is a big play on iGaming for those that aren’t aware.
I was a mid- high stakes online poker player through the 2010-2018. Played a variety of sites. : iPoker; PokerStars, Paddy, MicroGaming, 888, Party. Why so many sites? Because I was always on lookout for where the action was, if a big whale sat down at one online casino; you bet your sweet ass I’m there.
So let me give you my take as a consumer that’s probably spent over $100,000 in transaction fees personally on Paysafe.
This was one of the cheapest and fastest ways to move money around online.
Unlike Stripe this which is against risky business such as CBD and gambling, paysafe is actually one of the leading payment providers in both UK/AUS / Ireland for iGaming.
Big example is William Hill, Bet365, Bwin.
Now why would you want to move money online around as a gambler ?
Well, Visa/MC charge close to 50%->75% more, online casinos = the merchant. They don’t wanna pay that, and in fact put limits on this type of payment processor. (Your visa’s credit cards etc). If a punter deposits / withdraws frequently, the online casino could literally be on the hook for like 20-30% of the turnover throughout the gambler’s period. (This assumes the gambler doesn’t lose all his money per deposit.
Imagine you’re a professional sportsbettor, you’re not loyal to one site. Different spreads / odds are offered on every site, you want to be able to move your money from one to another quickly and cheaply. Arbitrage opportunities do exist in sports betting as bookmakers hedge their books to minimize risk, diff frequencies of bets occur on each sports book; you get the idea.
For recreational punters, it’s simple: some sporting events that are smaller simply don’t exist on one site that exist on another. Eg. Perhaps you using Pinnacle / 10dimes for low spreads on high volume events, but perhaps you want to gamble on live events on bet365 on another day, and bet ponies on Hill.
What if you only have $5000 ? Giant pain in ass to deposit money to each site, paysafe lets you move it around easily.
Should you use visa, you may get blocked from depositing on various sites; Bodog, WHill, Bet365 just to name a few. Withdrawals and clearing deposits with bank transfers or checks takes days-> weeks and gamblers ain’t gonna wait for that shit.
You can also buy prepaid paysafe cards from stores if you don’t wish to use your real credit card; and load that shit up.
One of the biggest markets this is prominent in is South east Asia, they are some of the biggest punters and fucking loving gambling. Looking at you pinoys, Indonesians, Malays. Not everyone wants to fly to Macau to get their rocks off.
As much as this is a play on FinTech, please understand this company has more or less the best Payment service on online gambling globally.

The Comparable VALUATIONS

From this chart you can see that there looks to be some favorable multiples that could improve once a deal closes. Also, I'm very bullish on the great Margins as well as the conservative growth. I think Foley along with the growing Igaming undervalues the potential of this company. Just the Draft Kings relationship make me tingle.

CHART is COURTESY of u/CoachCedricZebaze

Management and Growth

  • Bill Effing Foley - I have a thing for guys name Bill and this guy get my nips hard.
    • This guy has turned shit into gold. See his previous ventures before and after....
  • Bill has connections and a strategy to dominate Igaming.
  • Igaming addressable Market is expected to grow immensely from a few billion to tens of billions.

This is an end to end payment processor with big big big name relationships for very disruptive companies that have huge addressable markets. The reason I am excited is because IGAMING is just really starting to take off and Paysafe is a first mover with brand new experienced management and very very fair valuations that could pop after a merger.
TL;DR- BUY BFT stock and BFT.W because BFT stands for big freaking tenderloins.
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2021 Bonus Promo Codes for Casino

The 2021 bonus promo codes for casino that i found on Weebly worked correctly for me and i got my new customer sign up bonus offer with no problem after using a valid casino promo code for 2021.I just followed the instructions of the latest promotion available for new players and i got my account up and running in only 5 minutes and i have had hours of great entertainment playing some card games online at this top UK online bookmaker who do give users a very good experience as they have got everything covered and i highly recommend using some codes at this bookie.
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Best online 2020

IBC9 is the world’s leading independent online gaming authority, providing trusted online casino news, guides, reviews and information since 2017.
Live Casino has gained a lot of popularity with the players over the years since it gives a much better casino experience with a live dealer present. The table games in the brick and mortar casinos were in any case popular. Now the same entertainment is available online. Live Casino has expanded the field with players from different geographies participating.
Esports betting has witnessed a significant demand push in the recent past, primarily because a significant section of the youth population across the world has shown a growing inclination towards professional video gaming betting. Singapore is no different in this regard — though Singapore does not have a regulated sports betting industry, interested players can register and play through bookmaker sites registered in other countries. Many of these bookmaker websites allow Singaporeans to register on their platform. More importantly, many of these websites also allow transactions in the SGD currency, which makes registering and playing through these platforms quite easy.
Online sports betting is the newest craze among the youth of Singapore and if you wish to join the fun, you are welcome. We provide all the background information you need to get started. We have done a detailed study of the online betting activities in the city-state and what you get here is the comprehensive view from the list of suggested bookmakers to the way to go about betting online.
Do you want to play online casino games that earn you money? Well, there’s plenty for you to explore. Another question-Did you know that online slots machine games are very popular in Singapore? In fact, they are one of the best online casino games in Singapore in 2020. In this regard, it’s at online casino Singapore that you can get to win a considerable amount of money playing online slots machine games. Here, apart from the amazing chance of winning significant amounts of money, you also get to enjoy the games. It’s not a boring affair! Even before you start earning the real money from your online gaming experience, you have the great opportunity of playing the demo version of slots machine games in enjoy online casino Singapore.
Wclub888 Tbsbet Gbcbet Maxim99 Ibet Sbobet Goldbet888 12Play 2Bcbet Eclbet M8Bets 18Clubsg Kb99Bet M88 23Ace Dafabet Sg88Win 3Star88 Cmd368 Bet365 yamabet yabo ibc9 w88 sportpesa sportsbet-io marathonbet lovebet god55 fun88 betway 32red
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Payment solutions of Si14 betting exchange.

Payment solutions of Si14 betting exchange.
Payment solutions of Si14 betting exchange. Dear users! Our company is in the process of passing the compliance in the top banks. The eco-system and transparency of the exchange allow us to achieve minimum fees for replenishment operations. The cost of bank processing is only 0.2% for the replenishment of a Si14Bet account - this is the minimum commission of banks in the gambling market. Dear investors, You also have the opportunity to become a co-founder of Si14 AG. Our company is conducting the second investment stage of selling the company's share. You can leave a request for consultation at [email protected]. Follow our news and join in the success story. For more information, please visit #Si14 #betfair #bet365 #Si14Bet #oods #livebetting #soccerbetting #bettingtip #soccerbetting #bookies #bettingexchange #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #millionaire #billionaire #makemoney #moneyonline #bettingexchang #bettingexperts #onlinesport #casino.
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Casino Malaysia

Casino Malaysia
Online Sports Betting at
Let us introduce to you the fact that 5G88 is also an online sports betting website in Malaysia. Imagine the scale of bet365 Malaysia if they have a branch here. Yes! That’s how big 5G88 is! Online betting Malaysia issue aside, 5G88 offers famous South East Asia sportsbook brands, both SBOBET Malaysia and MAXBET Malaysia. Gambling of football of famous European leagues such as English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and France Ligue 1 are all available. There is, of course, the gambling of weekday football: UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. Not to forget the four yearly festive Euro Cup and FIFA World Cup, available for online gambling on both android and IPHONE. Now let’s embark your online gambling Malaysia journey with 5G88!

Social :

Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Phone : +60142651261
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The Macau market and the Si14 sports betting exchange.

The Macau market and the Si14 sports betting exchange.
The Macau market and the Si14 sports betting exchange. Macau, which has a history spanning more than 3 centuries, is known as "Eastern Monte Carlo" and "Eastern Las Vegas". Games are now the main industry that generates Macau's main (about 70%) revenue. Recently, Macau's gross revenue from gambling establishments has sometimes even exceeded the Las Vegas Strip, making it the largest gaming city in the world. The Government of Macao has not issued regulations governing the concession and operation of online gambling (defined in the Macao Gambling Act (Act 16/2001) as interactive gambling), nor has it started bidding for these concessions. Si14 AG is localizing the platform in Chinese and will be represented on the Chinese market. The Chinese market allows the Si14Bet platform to obtain maximum liquidity. Dear investors, You also have the opportunity to become a co-founder of Si14 AG. Our company is conducting the second investment stage of selling the company's share. You can leave a request for consultation at [email protected]. Follow our news and join in the success story. For more information, please visit #Si14 #betfair #bet365 #Si14Bet #oods #livebetting #soccerbetting #bettingtip #soccerbetting #bookies #bettingexchange #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #millionaire #billionaire #makemoney #moneyonline #bettingexchang #bettingexperts #onlinesport #casino.
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How to monetize a poker website?

Are you a poker webmaster? Here is how to earn revenue with poker affiliate offers.
Poker enthusiasts, players, and general poker fans are creating valuable content. But are they getting any rewards for it? Well, if they play the digital content game right, they do.
In this article, we give you all the information about how to monetize your poker website.
How to make money by writing about poker?
If you are producing content on poker players, poker rooms, and different poker networks, you should get paid for it.
Poker is a game of skill. Therefore there is a lot to write about, such as poker strategy, poker player tactics, live vs. online poker, player rankings, poker rooms, poker networks. You name it.
There is a lot to talk about in poker, and there are many that blog about poker. However, only the smart ones make money from it.
How? By jumping into affiliate marketing!
Gaming companies are using different marketing tracks to promote their brands and services. On the one hand, there is the old school marketing with buying ad space with ads popping at every channel you open. And then, there is affiliate marketing.
Affiliates are partnering with the brand and drive traffic to the brand channels and points of sale. The more traffic, the higher the rewards. For gaming/poker brands, this is the cheapest and most authentic marketing that they can do, as the commission is paid from a successful conversion only.
For the affiliate (poker blogger, webmaster, YouTuber) this is usually no extra burden, as they post about the topic anyway.
Smart brands are always on the lookout for great content creators. And smart content producers are still on the lookout for a high revenue share or CPA deal.
Let’s give you an example of a poker content creator that monetizes his channel.
Doug Polk Poker is a poker player, who is posting educational poker content, Twitch stream of his best poker table moments, and funny videos. When you watch his videos on Youtube, you get a lot of information about poker strategy, insight into poker, and what it takes to be a poker player. His Youtube poker content, almost in all cases, has a link to more information or services that are payable. By posting a link to a poker course, for example, he is acting as an affiliate. For every purchase of the course, he will earn a commission.

Five things you can write about on your poker blog

#1 Poker players

If you are only starting with your poker blog, you can always follow great poker players, follow poker rankings, and comment on your favorite players. We all love to hear about who is making what where. Just give your readers enough poker player analysis to make it worth their time.

#2 Poker tournaments

Who doesn’t want to know about the WSOP? Right! And there are many bloggers writing blogs and recording podcasts, making Youtube videos, so what you need to do is stand out. In the vast poker video and blog landscape, you need to be unique. You can do that by providing insight and background information.

#3 Poker strategy

Poker is a game of skill, so your potential public is eager to learn how to outsmart everybody else. You can do video content about players explaining their best hands themselves. Or if you provide didactical tools for poker strategy, then you are the winner of the Google SEO race.

#4 History of poker

How much do you know about the origins of poker? If you are nerdy about history, make it to your advantage.

#5 Poker reviews

Everything needs a review. If you like testing poker rooms and systematically evaluating them, then this is what you should focus on. Ensure that the presentation of results is easy to read, offer a comparison between products, and be very fact-driven. For sure, this is an exciting point for affiliate marketing, as you can drive traffic to all brands that you take under examination.

Set up your affiliate offers with Paynura

At Paynura, we support affiliates around the globe in promoting poker, casino, and sportsbook deals. However, most of our team has more than a decade of professional engagement in poker affiliate marketing; this is where we are the strongest.
If you are starting to build your affiliate business, we are ready to help you at every step. You can set up a Paynura account in 2 minutes and access the complete list of affiliate offers. Because we work with a large poker community, we can secure higher than default deals and certain exclusive benefits for our affiliates and clients.

Which poker brands can you promote with Paynura?

We are continually expanding our list, but our core brands are:
We also support affiliates with eWallets Skrill and Neteller, cause they add value with VIP upgrades for every poker affiliate.
Did we get you interested? Opening a Paynura account doesn’t cost anything, but 2 minutes of your time. Start today!
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Si14 betting exchange on the French market.

Si14 betting exchange on the French market.
Si14 betting exchange on the French market. Autorite de Regulation des Jeux En Ligne or ARJEL was created in 2010 in France after the legalization of online gambling. ARJEL currently issues licenses enabling companies to offer online gambling services in France, one of the largest betting markets in Europe. The ARJEL permit allows operators to offer players bets on sporting events, races, and poker. Si14 AG is in the process of preparing documents for obtaining an ARJEL license. The French market is very promising for the Si14Bet platform. The French regulator allows platform users to place bets on horse racing events. Dear investors, You also have the opportunity to become a co-founder of Si14 AG. Our company is conducting the second investment stage of selling the company's share. You can leave a request for consultation at [email protected]. Follow our news and join in the success story. For more information, please visit #Si14 #betfair #bet365 #Si14Bet #oods #livebetting #soccerbetting #bettingtip #soccerbetting #bookies #bettingexchange #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #millionaire #billionaire #makemoney #moneyonline #bettingexchang #bettingexperts #onlinesport #casino.
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Si14 betting exchange conferences.

Si14 betting exchange conferences.
Si14 betting exchange conferences. Dear investors! Si14 presents the conference schedule for the co-founders of Si14 AG. Issues will be discussed at the conference: - Dividends of the company - Issue of securities of Si14 AG - Date of the company's IPO - Diversification of Si14 AG assets - Budgeting for 2021 The conference will take place at 7-9 Chemin du Petit Saconnex, Petit-Saconnex / Servette, Geneva. Conference hall InterContinental Geneva. Conference 17/12/2020 time 11.00 - 14.00. Conference host: Chief Development Officer SERGEJ BECHTHOLD, auditing company DZERD AG and invited investment bank investment consultants. You can make an appointment at the Si14 AG investment conference at [email protected] with the names of the people attending. Dear investors, You also have the opportunity to become a co-founder of Si14 AG. Our company is conducting the second investment stage of selling the company's share. You can leave a request for consultation at [email protected]. Follow our news and join in the success story. For more information, please visit #Si14 #betfair #bet365 #Si14Bet #oods #livebetting #soccerbetting #bettingtip #soccerbetting #bookies #bettingexchange #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #millionaire #billionaire #makemoney #moneyonline #bettingexchang #bettingexperts #onlinesport #casino.
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Si14 Betting exchange and testing stages.

Si14 Betting exchange and testing stages.
Si14 Betting exchange and testing stages. Dear users! Our company has closed the second stage of beta testing of the platform. We have also eliminated current errors in the process of opening the platform to users. The platform will be available to users on 20.12.2020. As part of the access, users will be able to learn about the functionality and work of the platform. In case of errors - you can write to your mailbox [email protected]. The official release date of the platform will be announced in the company's news feed. Thank you for being with us. Dear investors, You also have the opportunity to become a co-founder of Si14 AG. Our company is conducting the second investment stage of selling the company's share. You can leave a request for consultation at [email protected]. Follow our news and join in the success story. For more information, please visit #Si14 #betfair #bet365 #Si14Bet #oods #livebetting #soccerbetting #bettingtip #soccerbetting #bookies #bettingexchange #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #millionaire #billionaire #makemoney #moneyonline #bettingexchang #bettingexperts #onlinesport #casino.
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Live video broadcasts of basketball on the Si14 betting exchange platform.

Live video broadcasts of basketball on the Si14 betting exchange platform.
Live video broadcasts of basketball on the Si14 betting exchange platform. Dear users! On the Si14Bet platform you will be able to watch live basketball broadcasts on the following areas: - TD Banknof-Garden - XL Center - Boston Garden - Barclays Centre - Prudence Center - Madison Square Garden (IV) - Air Canada Centre - State Farm Arena Attention! Si14 AG is posting a vacancy for a scouting video broadcast for basketball matches. If you are ready to cooperate, please send the following information to your mailbox [email protected]: - City of residence - Scouting experience - Your CV Dear investors, You also have the opportunity to become a co-founder of Si14 AG. Our company is conducting the second investment stage of selling the company's share. You can leave a request for consultation at [email protected]. Follow our news and join in the success story. For more information, please visit #Si14 #betfair #bet365 #Si14Bet #oods #livebetting #soccerbetting #bettingtip #soccerbetting #bookies #bettingexchange #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #millionaire #billionaire #makemoney #moneyonline #bettingexchang #bettingexperts #onlinesport #casino.
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Si14 Betting exchange and the Indian market.

Si14 Betting exchange and the Indian market.
Si14 Betting exchange and the Indian market. India is actively working on changing the gambling law. Si14 AG has concluded memoranda of cooperation with the region and plans to open an official representative office in New Delhi in 2021. The Indian gaming market is forecast to grow steadily by 37% annually from 2021. By 2022, it is expected to reach $5 billion. 1.7 billion of this amount will be spent on games using real money on the web. The Si14Bet sports betting exchange eco-system allows entry into India's betting market without legislative obstacles, as the platform is a betting exchange, not a betting company. In 2021, Si14 AG plans to apply to the Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Amendment Bill, a regulator in India, located in the north of the country. Dear investors, You also have the opportunity to become a co-founder of Si14 AG. Our company is conducting the second investment stage of selling the company's share. You can leave a request for consultation at [email protected]. Follow our news and join in the success story. For more information, please visit #Si14 #betfair #bet365 #Si14Bet #oods #livebetting #soccerbetting #bettingtip #soccerbetting #bookies #bettingexchange #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #millionaire #billionaire #makemoney #moneyonline #bettingexchang #bettingexperts #onlinesport #casino.
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